If your company is looking to take your project to the final step, BB Solutions Group can take you there.  The end goal of developing a new part is to move to a production stage and start selling parts.  Many companies that can help assist you in the prototyping of your new part you have been working long and hard on will not be able to take you to the next stage.  We Can!  BB Solutions Group is affiliated directly with Buddy Bar Casting,, an aluminum foundry and machine shop located in the Los Angeles area.  All our manufacturing knowledge and experience is what is so useful when designing a new part.  This knowledge and experience is what many design engineers do not have and create a part that is not only impossible to manufacture but not cost effective.  


There are many different kind of prototypes that can be used to assist in developing your part/project.  Prototypes can range from hand fabrications, plastic parts, billet, SLA's, 3D printed parts or various types of castings such as investment cast or sand cast.  Depending on the complexity of the part, we can typically produce prototypes very quickly.  Here are estimated lead times..

  • Plastic parts (3D printed, SLA, SLS, etc):   1-3 days lead time
  • Investment cast (depending on size):   2-4 days lead time
  • Sand cast (aluminum, iron):   5-7 day lead time 



If it's reverse engineering or designing from scratch, BB Solutions can handle it.  Once the concept of your project is ready to more forward, we can start developing the CAD models and necessary 2D drawings.  BB Solutions has the resources to develop CAD models from an idea, picture, sketch, an existing part, or from a hand fabricated part.  No matter what it is, we can get the part designed and ready for the next step.  


BB Solutions Group can help take your idea to the next level.  With our long history in the manufacturing world, we know what it takes to develop a part that not only follows the fit, form and function law, but most importantly, can be produced in a cost effective way.  If you have a manufacturing supplier and just need consulting work, we are happy to help.  Or if you would like us to take it from start to finish, we can do that too.

BB Solutions Group