Aluminum Casting



From bar napkin to production. If you have the idea, BB Solutions Group can help take it to the next level.    


3D CAD design 


Stereolithography (SLA) 

BB Solutions Group


As soon as prototypes have been tested and approved, we can seamlessly move into production.



Once you are satisfied with the design, we can move right into making prototypes.  Depending on the project, prototypes can vary from plastic parts to metal castings.


Where to start?


Where to start?  How to start?  Who can help?  These are some of the questions everyone asked themselves when starting a new project.  With our long background in manufacturing and our extensive knowledge in designing, BB Solutions Group can help you answer all these questions and more.  We are here to help you get to the next step or hopefully help you take it all the way to a production stage.

We have the resources to get your design done right and quickly.  We will create a 3D CAD file and a 2D drawing.



  • Hand fabrications
  1. Metal
  2. Plastic
  • Billet
  • SLA, SLS, 3D printing
  • Castings (sand, investment, die)
  1. Cast Aluminum
  2. Cast Iron